10 Answers In Fake Guest Book At Florida Airbnb That Will Make You Laugh Everytime

Anyone here lives at Florida ??

If you like to travel on budget then you must be familiar with services of AirBnb. Here travelers can visit any place in the world and stay like a local. This gives unique experience to the traveler and it is cheap compared to costly hotels.

It’s an extraordinary service since home owners can rent out their unused spaces, and explorers can live like local people for a small amount of the money. What’s truly cool about it is that, Airbnb permits both sides to survey each other, implying that the individuals who rent out properties can rate their inhabitants.

Also, I feel like this guy with amazing sense of humor who stayed in an Airbnb property in Florida is going to get the best ratings ever. He placed a fake visitor book behind that is going to make you laugh way too much. Seriously..

 guest book at a Florida Airbnb

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